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From COVID-19 to CAMA-20: Do You Suspect any Agenda against the Church? Pastors React

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The Church is barely coming out of COVID-19 to now face CAMA-20. Do You Suspect any Agenda Against the Church? Pastors React.

The Church is in a precarious state-Bishop Theophilous Ugochukwu :

I still want us to go back to the revelation of God to me on the 1/11/2019. In said that the Lord showed me where millions of people were suddenly stranded and the night was fast approaching. And at the other side the Church was busy dancing, oblivious of the danger right at their back. And I shouted we shall not be stranded (1).  The people that were already stranded were the masses; no means of escape for them. The night that was fast descending was an imminent danger that would consume all of them. Do you not see the sign already? (2). On the side of the Church, was that the Church has ignored the warning signs. They were busy dancing in entertainment without spiritual insight while the enemies were busy planning their destruction. The implications are very devastating because in the spiritual realm, by the time they finished their entertainment and turned back, they would be in grave danger because they did not see it coming. This is the revelation manifesting now. I explained what would be the solution to this, but you know that a son does not talk to the father anyhow. He must be careful to pass the message. The Church is in a precarious state, except urgent prayers are sought. If the leaders would see reason, quote me that is what the Lord showed me. More troubles are still on the way. Ignorant people are just jubilating now because the devil is manipulating them against pastors. To them now pulling down the pastors has become a good thing. But after the first phase the reality will dawn on everybody. Zechariah 13:7, “ Awake, sword, against my shepherd, against the man who is close to me! Declares the Lord Almighty, strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered, and I will turn my hand against the little ones.” This is the scenario playing out.

It can always get worse, not better- Pastor Omoruyi Monday Ihasa

There has always been an evil agenda against the church and it will continue. If you are a student of the church dispensation you will know that it can always get worse and not better until the 2nd coming of Christ. May our faith not fail when the real persecution starts? It is well!

It is more than meet the eye- Pastor Ayo Ayolola

No hidden agenda anywhere! The law is only new and alien to Nigeria and the religious body(s), but to the world at large, it is a common practice. The irony of it all is that, the Nigerian religious leaders who are vehemently complaining against the law in Nigeria religiously obey the same law outside of Nigeria where they have branches of their Ministries. it is more than met the eye!

Blessed is that affliction that will bring us back to Christ- Bro. Martins Odigbo

The whole Bible is the final authority in Christian discussions. COVID-1819 or CAMA-20 might be allowed by God to checkmate his church as his usual pattern of correcting his people. Read Judges, Lamentation 3:37, Isaiah 13, Isaiah 45:7, Amos 3:6 to mention few. I realized that we might be focusing on what the enemies are doing against the church of God, rather than behaving like Joshua who went to God and ask why they could not stand against small Ai. Although God said he will build his church and no gates of hell can overcome, Matt 16:18 but on the condition that the church continues to fulfill its purpose as a ground and pillars for truth. Remember, it took persecution in Acts 8:4-5before they went everywhere to preach Christ as commanded. Blessed is that affliction that will bring us back to Christ. If the counsel against the church is from God it will stand to accomplish the purpose, but if not, it will surely collapse. Let us avoid Stockholm syndrome.

Did COVID-19 stop me from believing and worshipping God?  Abayomi Obabolujo

Neither COVID-19 nor CAMA is an enemy of the church. if you really understand what the church is, as not being the mansions being built all over the places that they call church but individual Christians, serving Jesus. At that, how is COVID-19 an enemy? Did COVID-19 stop me from believing and worshipping God? No. The instructions to stop gatherings are just to safeguard lives and nothing more.
You registered your church; the DG of CAC appended his signature at registration that makes that your institution a legal entity. As far as the certificate is concerned, it is a body under the government. it is you that know that it is a spiritual entity. The same law that issued you certificate now says you must obey certain dictate, you now said that law is an enemy? No, you are the enemy of yourself. Return the certificate so that you will no longer be under any law. That’s the best you can do.

They shall surely gather… – Collins Isaac

There has been and always be an agenda against the church but it will always come to naught! Remember the scriptures they shall surely gather but not by me…..

I will build my church and the gate of hell will not prevail- Kenneth Ogu

It is an infringement on fundamental right -Owosibo Olawale Opeyemi

CAMA cannot stand the test of time in the law court. It is an infringement on the fundamental right of freedom of association and independent.

All I know is that the gates of hell will not prevail over the Church-Paul Ifeanyi Okwyobi

If we don’t regulate ourselves, outsiders would regulate us: Rev. Yomi Kasali

The law is not only for the church, it also applies to mosques and NGOs, so I think we should look at it from different perspectives before we start throwing tantrums and jumping up and down. They are not even de-registering churches; they are only saying they will remove trustees that are culpable to fraud. The heavier penalty would have been to de-register, but that isn’t even the case. The pastors kicking against this law argue that the church is under God’s authority. That’s nonsense! Whoever said that absolutely does not know any bible. The church cannot exist outside a society. If they say the church is under God’s authority, why did they go to register at CAC? Why did they buy land from government and collect Certificate of Occupancy? Is it God that sold the land of that church to them? Why do they go to banks to open account, why can’t they keep the money inside their churches? The problem is that the CAN is a very powerful body. I respect the chairman. He is very bold, sound and intelligent. Now, for PFN, where I belong, when you see pastors that are bigger than PFN, there is a crisis. Some pastors shout down the president as if they are bigger than the place. That’s the problem we have. The PFN cannot make a statement because the pastors are bigger than the president. They are reckless and lawless people. They don’t want to be under anybody’s authority. In your own church, you are not under anybody, but outside your church, you are under authority. Because they worship them in their church, they want those outside their church to also worship them. They are used to being vilified, so they don’t understand how somebody can talk to them without vilifying them. In your house you can be worshipped, but outside your house, you are a common citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are all under the law.

The church should use this opportunity to address the rot within the Church -Pastor Yemi Omoniyi

Interestingly my take is that. Wisdom is profitable to direct. It is either we let the sleeping dog lie or go to court for proper interpretation.  All this I know my right. I must demand for my right must be done with wisdom. All laws aren’t perfect, that’s why the court is there. My concern is the phobia and perennial perception of “they vs us syndrome” when the law is not specifically targeted at the church as Part C of CAMA details. By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.  My take for the Church is to use this opportunity to address the rut within the Church and her elders first and then exercise caution and develop strategic approach in this matter. A chicken who claims to be wild has not seen the drunken fox.
I rest my case!

The timing of these events leaves no choice than to make assumptions Bishop Oscar Ossai
I have personally said this somewhere else. Even if there is no deliberate attempt to attack Christianity, the timing of these events leaves no choice than to make assumptions.  Quite frankly, enemies of the Church are in a celebratory mood as Christianity continues to be weighed down by a barrage of attacks on the existence of the Christian Faith. On CAMA, our  issue must be well understood by the state, her agents and even avowed enemies from within. We do not see any rationale in passing a law that tinkers with the trusteeship of Churches in any form. You cannot reap where you did not sow. We pay to register as corporate entities, buy lands, put in infrastructure and run our programs without GOVERNMENT support of any kind.  What is Government’s locus for wanting to inherit our structures by appointing boards of trustees for errant Churches?  And what exactly does error in financial administration mean? The funds churches have are raised by the trustees along with the leadership of the churches. Why are we showing interest in such funds? Government proposes to track funds in accounts of churches. If there is any trace of illicit funds to any church organization, the police should by all means hold the leadership responsible. Anything else is indeed witch-hunting. Why would even the courts not be able to adjudicate in these matters? The government was not properly advised.

The Church should wake up from fighting on petty matters-Archbishop David RobertThe church is under a global scourge and the target by some powers. In every nation who needs money and whose leaders careless, they will dance to the tune of this agenda. Reason for which Donald Trump hated and being fought seriously Registration with C.A.C is essential, but if you have no problem, however, that means such church is weak financially as you can’t own a bank account and can’t do much internationally and of course slim support. The water ways bill will be the most devastating. May God help us. We must begin campaign against it. Let’s hope the church wakes up and stop fighting on petty matters, and all this big boy matter and competition amongst ourselves; you built big church, I built bigger church. On CAMA, the religious Leadership of both mosques and churches were supposed to be involved from start to finish, while putting this in place.  By now it won’t have been an issue, because all clauses deemed to be anti religion would have been ironed out. Well this is typical of Nigeria. Making laws for people without the people’s consent  for the current outcry. My opinion please.

This is the time for the Church to put aside all discrimination-Pastor Akintunde Timothy

Hundred percent! But whatever their agenda, this is the time for the Church to put aside all discriminations and segregations, come together in prayer against the enemy that is now visibly bringing out his evil agenda.

CAMA has nothing to do with our faith… It’s just to put sanity into all registered organizations. Why Christians are like this? -Olugbenga Olugbemisola

We are sleeping. We are snoring .But, our enemies are regrouping. From COVID to CAMA, the enemies are on rampage – Fola Adekeye





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