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Every Good Apostle should Be able to Operate in the Prophetic- Apostle Ken Paul  

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Apostle Anwusonwo Ken Paul reflects on the effects of the present lock down of churches around the world due to the COVIDS-19 pandemic globally and submits that he owes the Christ, the people and the Body of Christ to preach the gospel on the internet while the COVID-19 scourge last. He shares more in the below interview with Christian Benefits transcribed by Teniola Olarinde. Excerpts

Please, can we meet you sir?

My names are Apostle Anwusonwo Ken Paul.

Briefly share with us about your upbringing?

I was brought up in a Christian background. We were always taken to church, especially by my mother. Whenever my mother didn’t go to church my father would force us to go to church. While growing up we didn’t miss weekly and Sunday services. We were brought up as other children are normally brought up. I attended both primary and secondary schools. Apart from going to church regularly, our education is one other thing that our parents took very seriously.

You are endowed with teaching ability and scripturally grounded. How did you achieve these two awesome gifts of teaching and the Word?

Spiritually, I was brought up by a very sound teacher and preacher of the gospel, my father in the Lord, Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe. At a tender age, we were taught by very good Sunday school teachers. I also have a cousin who was also a good teacher of the Bible. Sometimes, he visited our house with his friends and they taught the word of God and also followed us up. Pastor Francis Chilaka was a very wonderful man who taught us those days with his friend Pastor John.

What is the specific area of your calling?

Specifically, I am a preacher by calling. I love preaching the gospel. Sometimes, I sing hymns and read books of some great teachers.

What are your church programmes where God uses you to impact lives? 

We run Sunday and vigil services. We hold Bible study every Tuesday. We hold miracles service every Wednesday morning where God wrought notable miracles under our ministration among other powerful and soul-saving programmes.

 Share with us some of the testimonies from these programmes?

We have witnessed the healings of a mad person, HIV positive, cancer, tumors just to mention a few under our ministry. God has been faithful. He has been doing marvelous works through our ministrations.

Tell us about the apostolic and the prophetic dimensions of your ministry?

I was called into the apostolic office, but most times I function in the prophetic. God has given us mandates. Every good apostle should be able to operate in the prophetic. As an apostle you can teach, preach, prophesy and heal. As an apostle, I don’t see prophecy as a limitation to the apostolic office. I find it easy to flow as a prophet and still do my apostolic work by reaching out to the people.

How do you impact lives during the on-going COVID-19 churches lock down?

We have been impacting lives through the internet. We have been holding internet meetings and programmes. Basically, we continue doing the work of God through the internet and of course it has been going well. We have been worshipping through internet because of churches lock down due to the COVID-19. We believe that as the pandemic came one day the same way it will cease one day.

Your daily messages on Face book and WhatsApp platforms are inspirational. Tell us the vision and focus of your regular messages on these platforms

My messages on WhatsApp and once in a while on Facebook are revelations from God to be praying for people every morning and sometimes twice a day. I have never done it without God. When I wake up in the morning, God gives me a revelation to write and share with people on WhatsApp and Face book, and people have been confirming that my messages have been blessing them. I don’t know how God has been doing it, but he has been giving me the inspiration and revelation to do it as I have been doing it. It has become a part of me now. The day I don’t do it, I don’t feel comfortable and happy. So, I see it as a part of my life and a part of what I owe my people, Christ and the body of Christ. It‘s like a daily wish when you wake up in the morning and tell people good morning, tell the people what God puts in my mind or spirit to say good morning to people around the world.



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