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Dr. Omoniyi Attributes rising vices to Lockdown of Churches-By Eniola Olarinde

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The Lead Pastor of Christchurch Int’l Ministry, Lagos, Dr. Yemi Omoniyi has said the ravaging coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the world has brought on the laps of the world a most challenging situation in recent times and he identified the rising cases of vices across the world as part of the challenging situation.

At a recent press conference he hosted at the headquarters of the church at Egbeda, in Lagos, the cleric said that recent police reports showed a rising cases of vices such as rape, robbery and other criminal activities. He blamed the situation on the government lockdown of churches over the COVID-19 pandemic, and said “this is to show that the spiritual organ of the society (the church), which has always been at the fore front of quelling such vices has been removed from the scene.”

Dr. Omoniyi expressed that the lock down of churches by the government as one of the measures to control the spread of the virus in the country was not a better option. “Whilst the Church remains a law abiding organ of the society, it is important for the government to note that placing her in a proper place (as an essential service organ of the society) puts the society at a greater advantage and the government in a better position to deal with this pandemic and the likes. To us, closing down the Church is not a better option,” he expressed.

Omoniyi, who acknowledged the fears of reopening of churches while the virus is still ravaging across the country, commended the media for standing up to its role of prompt reportage and educating the society on the COVID-19 pandemic. “We also appreciate everyone doing their best to keep the situation in check. We shall appreciate if this fourth arm (the media) of the government will do more by proper monitoring and reporting of funds released by government, private companies and individuals for the COVID-19 pandemic is being expended,” the cleric appealed.

Pastor Omoniyi, who explained that the mission of Christchurch Int’l Ministry is to raise and equip a community of an army of believers to be leaders in their purpose who will positively live an outstanding value added life in the society, establishing and expanding God’s kingdom on earth, said the church believes that a change of heart leads to a change on earth with heaven at last. He said that the young but impactful church follows the model of Jesus Christ in changing hearts and the earth.

“Christchurch Int’l Ministry has made taking care of lives a part of its responsibility. By God’s grace we have been doing this for years now through the platform that we tagged “Touching Lives like Jesus.” This vision was borne out of the desire to follow the path and model which Jesus Christ showed us in his word. He cared for the poor, met needs and added value in no small measure to his immediate generation and above all gave his life for the whole world as an atoning sacrifice. Through this platform we have been able to impart the lives of miscreants, pay tuition fees of financially disadvantaged students, carry out quarterly free medical services for the community, care for widows and also rehabilitate people by the grace of God,” he explained.

Pastor Yemi Omoniyi, who is also gifted singer emphasized that Christchurch Int’l Ministry is a ministry with a vision to lead people from their current realities into their ultimate inheritance in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, through a mental shift resulting in God (Good) success and their best selves. He finally shared the contribution of Christchurch towards reducing the effects of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

“By the grace of God, this global pandemic was revealed to us by God ahead of time. None the less, we have been able to reach out and support the people in our environment with various care items. We also appreciate the efforts of the government in doing their very best to keep the pandemic situation under control. We would like them to know that they are always in our prayers. Every situation that is physical has a spiritual foundation to it, and therefore, as a church we shall continue in responsibly supporting spiritually and otherwise, he assured.



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