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Dr. Akanbi @60: An embodiment of academic excellence  

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Dr. James Akanbi, the general overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries, who recently celebrated 60 years of God’s faithfulness in his life, is an academic colossus. With courage and determination to prevent his humble background from keeping his back on the ground, Akanbi towered above various circumstances of life to attain academic excellence in his three scores on earth. His epaulet of academic qualifications that include various certificates, university degrees, six diplomas  both in professional and theological studies and capping it with PhD is one awesome testimony of God lifting him from the dunghill to sit among people of substance cross the globe.

After his primary education, and then starting off career life as a precocious bricklayer at age 15, Akanbi vigorously pursued the best of life from his humble background, doggedly latching on academic and knowledge acquisitions as his compass of navigating the very best that life could offer. Today, Akanbi stands tall as a tower of academic excellence. The bookworm general overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries (GOMERM worldwide) is currently, running a PhD in Divinity programme at the Triune Biblical University Global Extension, USA.


Despite the setback he had in life as an orphan, according to him, God became his scholarship after his born-again experience and he was able to acquire certificates, diploma and degrees in both secular and theological education.

Story of his outstanding O’Level education: Despite not attending secondary school, after modern school and within just three months of entering college, he sat for 5 O’Level subjects and passed. He prepared for just five months.

His academic credentials include:

*Short Term Ministerial Course (STMC) at International Bible Training Centre of Deeper Life Ministry, 1981.

*B.Sc. Accountancy Education, Abia State University, Uturu, 1994

*Certificate in Finance Reporting, NAAB, Gytorp, Sweden

*Diploma in Industrial and Business Law, University of Lagos 1996

*Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Life Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos (Foursquare Mission)

*PhD in Church Growth and Missions, Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary, Des Moines IOWA, USA, 2004.

*He was awarded a PhD in Ministry by the Triune Biblical University Global Extension, USA.

*Currently, he’s undergoing a PhD Divinity Programme from the Triune Biblical University Global Extension USA.

*He has a Certificate of Attendance in Strategic Leadership, Harvard University, USA.

He usually says that his MBA was disabled with one course to go, as he decided to concentrate on the call rather than writing the exam because of divine instruction.


Key spiritual gifts visible in the ministry of Dr. Akanbi are the Apostolic and Prophetic. He is also an anointed preacher and teacher of the word of God. And God continues to use him for several healings in the lives of those carrying one disease or the other in all his ministrations especially during the monthly miracle services held very second Sunday of the month, these have always come into play.

An uncommon phenomenon when he ministers is the seeming renewed vigour and strength which everyone in the auditorium seemingly receives when he enters the auditorium to minister. But such devotion and bond with the congregation is no ordinary one. It comes from being in the secret place with God. That is the secret! Dr. Akanbi’s secret!

Dr, Akanbi’s early and ongoing exposure to reading, his addiction to daily communion with God, his believe in strategic planning, building strategic relationships, and developing children in ministry, are parts of his secret.

Dr. Akanbi hates haphazard planning. He believes what is worth doing at all is worth doing well.



Dr. Akanbi was inspired to start the Revival Apostolic Network (RAPONET) International, in November 2018, a fellowship which brings other pastors and ministers together for apostolic mentorship, counseling, training, and spiritual development. This has improved and imparted many ministries who attend the bi-monthly meetings.

Currently, Dr. Akanbi is:

*Member, Governor Council, International Institute of Church Growth.

*Adviser, Fuel the Fire Apostolic Network

*Apostolic Overseer of churches in The United States of America and United Kingdom, Outside of God’s Mercy’s Revival Ministries (GOMERM).

  • A columnist/writer in Christian Benefits Magazine; Nigeria’s front line Christian news magazine


Dr. Akanbi founded Mercy School of Ministry (MSOM) in 2001 which was the initial strong education arm of the ministry to train pastors (Picture of graduating students). He started the Planters Academy for church planters which have helped in ministers going to the field to plant new churches. He started Mercy Business School which is for business education and grants funding support to qualified individuals to start small scale businesses. He founded Mercy Theological College, A full-fledged college for diploma and degree (which is currently in process of affiliation with a university).


Akanbi Educational Foundation (AKADUCFO)

As an orphan, he benefitted from divine scholarship. God sponsored all his diplomas and degree through strangers most times. He decided to give back to poor but brilliant students. Many are AKADUCFO scholars in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Even Master’s students have benefitted (Play video of AKADUCFO representatives)


Every Friday by 6:00pm West African Time, Dr. Akanbi runs an online broadcast, Destiny Achievers’ Hour on Facebook Live through the ministry’s Facebook page, GOMERM International. He also presents the Season of Power and Mercy Television Programme on MITV as well as a Radio programme; Voice of Mercy, on Eko 89.7 FM every Saturday morning by 10:50am.


A Pentecostal revivalist, Dr. Akanbi’s ministrations continues to bless several thousands of people. Diverse mind-blowing testimonies of healings, deliverance, miracle babies, jobs, promotions, breakthroughs and blessings take place during the monthly miracle services of the church and special revivals where he ministers (Show pictures and Videos).

God had also blessed Dr. Akanbi with committed, faithful and uncompromising loyal sons and daughters in ministry who show zeal and readiness for the work. They continue to be his able partners in the assignment and he keeps thanking God for their lives, families and ministries. However, despite all the progress and the glory, Dr. Akanbi himself will agree that none of the exploits of the ministry over the years has been by his efforts by God’s grace and mercy since God Himself is the Executive Producer (Video).


For a man who started his life as a bricklayer-a builder of buildings, But is now a builder of lives and destinies, there is no disputing the fact that Dr. Akanbi, General overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries, has truly come a long way in his sojourn on earth so far.

From the little boy who lost his mother at barely two years old, became a bricklayer at 15, Born-again at 17, and has consistently worked with the Lord for over 40 years now and still standing strong, Dr. Akanbi has truly come  a long way as he celebrates his 60 years on earth. He, no doubt has been a blessing to Humanity.

As God’s Mercy which He has committed into his hands continues to move from glory to glory, we can only wish Dr. Akanbi more of God’s grace, Unction and anointing upon his life and ministry as he goes on fulfilling the commission of God as entrusted into his hands. Generations of faith will surely never forget his life and ministry for all that God has used him for. Even the kingdom of darkness will not but continue to lament and bemoan the devastating losses Dr. Akanbi has inflicted on them by the power of the holy Spirit. God has used him mightily to deliver those oppressed of the devil. And the testimonies continue to pour in.

As Dr. Akanbi clocks 60 years on earth and joins the diamond age, we celebrate a man of the Mighty God, one of God’s Generals, an Apostle, a Prophet, A loving Father, A pastor, Mentor, Philanthropist, a dependable and faithful friend, A teacher of the word, a fire brand minister with which there are no dull moments.

We celebrate a soul winner and a revivalist who is a blessing to our generation and sure a blessing to many generations. We wish him renewed strength, long life, greater exploits in life and ministry, unending joy, and abundant prosperity. Our prayers are that he will live to see his children’s children and truly fulfill God’s divine plan for his life. For Dr. Akanbi, 60 years is simply the beginning of a new chapter in his life and ministry of countering the devil’s revival at this end-time which God has committed into his hands. Truly Dr. Akanbi’s story is really just the beginning…

















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