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Don’t hoard your anointing to avoid untimely death, pastors advised

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Bishop Mathew Egwoma has expressed concern over the readiness of some aging fathers in the faith to transfer their anointing to younger ministers before they pass on. Speaking as guest minister at the Prophetic Eagles Summit of Divine Release 2021 of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries Int’l, Lagos, Bishop Egwoma, the host pastor of Church of God Mission Int’l, Mafoluku, Lagos said many aging ministers are being weighed down by the heaviness of the anointing upon their lives as a result of their inability or refusal to transfer their anointing to younger ministers.

The bishop however pointed that many younger ministers are also not prepared or determined like Elisha to earnestly collect the anointing upon the aging ministers, particularly their spiritual fathers before their transition like Elijah to eternity.

Bishop Egwoma in his sermon titled Contacting the Anointing, said unlike the Holy Spirit, anointing is transferable and can rest on anything. Speaking on the characteristics of anointing, Egwoma said, “Anointing regulates and influences the environment. Anointing gives supernatural living. It works in every facet of human life and endeavor. Anointing can be imparted unlike the Holy Spirit. Anointing is highly sensitive. Unlike the Holy Spirit, anointing is not static. Anointing is a transformer.  It receives power from the powerhouse and distributes it,” he listed.

The charismatic preacher warned that too heavy anointing on a minister can lead to premature death of the minister if he refuses to transfer it. He therefore advised heavily anointed ministers not to hoard their anointing in order to avoid untimely death. “Don’t hoard your anointing if you don’t want to die prematurely. You must transfer it in order to renew your strength, particularly in your old age. The Bible says Moses imparted 70 people and his strength did not go down. He had the capacity to live longer if not for the mistake of anger he made. Elisha was ready to share his anointing but there was nobody to receive it. He was weighed down by the double anointing he received from Elijah when he had nobody to transfer it to.”

Bishop Egwoma, who pointed that anointing comes with gifts, equally advised young ministers to earnestly covet the gifts of their spiritual fathers like Elisha did. “Elisha coveted double spirit of Elijah and got it,” he said. Egwoma stressed that young ministers must have unquenchable hunger for the anointing upon the fathers in the faith before they can earnestly covet it. “Anointing is contagious but you must earnestly covet it like Elisha before you can get the anointing of the fathers.

Bishop Mathew Egwoma, who shared how he contacted the gifts of some prominent fathers in the faith including his late spiritual father; the founder of Church of God Mission Int’l, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the late Evang. Reinhard Bonnke, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Pastor E.A Adeboye and a host of other fathers in the faith finally said anointing can be contacted from the anointed through breathing, laying of hand, mantle, honour, environment, service, seed sowing and prophetic offering. “Service and prophetic offering to the fathers work faster than prayer and fasting in contacting their anointing,” the amiable bishop emphasized.

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