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Christian political apathy allows wicked leaders- Olayemi

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Pastor Taiye Olayemi, the general overseer of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries International Igando, Lagos, has commended the recent awakening of Nigerian Christians to the politics and governance of the country towards the 2023 general elections, saying the devil in the past took advantage of Christian inaction in Nigeria’s politics and governance to give the country wicked leaders.

In his keynote address as host of Prophet Isa EL Buba’s Initiative for Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN) recent one-day ministers’ conference in his church, Olayemi reminded Christians of their divine mandate according to Isaiah 9:6 to lead Nigeria but their lack of action in the politics and governance of the nation allows evil and wicked people occupy the political leadership positions in the country.

“It is a privilege to host this great servant of God. Prophet Isa El Buba. I follow and believe his course for a better and brighter Nigeria. I want to assure you and verily, verily say to you that because we (Christians) are inactive that is why Satan is in action. Until Nigerian Christians become active in Nigeria’s politics and governance Satan will always be in action. Nigeria is given to Christians to lead as  divine mandate in Isaiah 9:6 . So, in 2023 we must take over the leadership of this nation,” Olayemi charged.

He advised Christians who are yet to collect their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to go collect their PVC to be able to vote righteous leaders for Nigeria in the 2023 general elections in the country. Speaking on the significance of having their PVC, Olayemi said before he accepts invite now to minister in any church he asks for their pastors’ PVC. He added that he also ensures his church members have their PVC. “I stand my ground; any minister that now invites me to his ministry I ask for his PVC. If he does not have it I won’t accept his invite. In our church we don’t allow members without PVC to come in. Let them return home to worship without PVC. We have a committee on PVC, and through this committee lots of our members have got their PVC.

“Prayer without action is foolishness. It is time we know who we are in this world. We are not in Nigeria accidentally. We are in Nigeria for a purpose. May we not get to heaven and be thrown out for failing to carry out our purpose on earth. Many will not make heaven not because of sin but because of failure in fulfilling their God’s given purpose on earth. One main purpose is that we should be the light and the salt of the earth.

“In every area you are let the devil know you are in command. It will be a crime if you don’t vote in the 2023 elections. In these elections, vote individuals and not parties. I am not a politician. We are here to awake you to your civic responsibility to the nation. You must wake up to your responsibility in politics and governance. This is the season Nigeria will rise again but you must ensure you vote and also ensure your vote counts in the coming elections. I pray when God needs you, you will be there. Don’t be a Christian God cannot choose. God has promised there will be a birth of the new nation,” Olayemi assured.

Dr. Rev. Dr. Lawrence Osunsanmi, the IBBN Lagos state coordinator, in his address at the conference with the theme, Wake Up Nigeria, said IBBN is globally acknowledged as the home of a new Nigeria. He enjoined the participants at the conference to prepare themselves as good citizens for the unity of the Church and Nigeria at large.

“That is the reason we are here; to reason together on what way to promote IBBN’s objective and to make new friends. God endowed us with great potentials to make Nigeria a great nation. We can reach that great height. Most Nigerians throughout the country are greatly endowed with intellects and Godly ambition. It is high time we took up our position in the leadership of our great nation. We must benefit the body of Christ and the nation,” Osunsanmi said.

He therefore urged Nigerians, particularly Nigerian Christians to combat the individuals and collective challenges confronting the nation, assuring that “the Lord of host in His infinite mercy will hear our prayers and heal our land in Jesus name,” the Lagos IBBN coordinator prayed.

Apostle Dr. James Okocha, IBBN’s Vice-President/South Nigeria coordinator, charged both the participants at the conference and Nigerians generally to take up the responsibility of rescuing Nigeria from her problems, instead of praying to God to rescue the country for them. Okocha said after completing creation on the seventh day, God handed the affairs of the world to man to handle while He rested from all works. “The Bible says on the seventh day of creation. God rested from all works. So how can people be praying to God who is resting to rescue them? It is our responsible to rescue Nigeria and not by praying to God to do so for us because God is resting and has given us the responsibility to be charge of the affairs of this world,” Okocha, IBBN’s Vice President explained.




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