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Christian Entrepreneurs must avoid unwholesome practices-Dr Shobiye, (CEO, Mathmer Group)

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A respected Legal & Investments consultant, Dr. Mathew  K. A Shobiye, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mathmer Group of Companies that include Mathmer & Associates, Mathmer Solicitors, Kashina Trades & Industries Limited and Jumyrich Industries Limited has shared some useful tips on running a successful entrepreneurship, especially with Christian entrepreneurs.

In an exclusive interview with Christian Benefits magazine on Apostle in the Market Place, Dr. Shobiye enjoined entrepreneurs generally that aim at the top in their businesses to abstain from unwholesome practices and make honesty and integrity their guides in all their business transactions or dealings.

“As an entrepreneur that is aiming at the top in your business you must avoid doing businesses that can soil your reputation, particularly if you are a child of God. You must imbibe the spirit of righteousness, fairness, honesty and fear of God in your business transactions. The Holy Spirit must be your guide from soiling your reputation with lies, deceits, dishonesty and occult practices. My guide to preventing my reputation from getting soiled in business is I always ensure I don’t compromise my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,” the business guru shared.

Dr. Shobiye, a major importer of kitchen utensils and who also serves on the boards of other companies as director, pointed that a sincere entrepreneur is recognized by his good conduct, fairness, integrity and the fear of God. “My success in business is largely attributable to my sincerity and integrity. By these virtues I was invited as director on the boards of other companies. A sincere entrepreneur is very careful and avoids unrighteous businesses because they can backfire. An entrepreneur should be careful that some business opportunities today can become a blockade to their progress tomorrow. God sometimes tests people’s integrity with unrighteous business opportunities,” the Mathmer boss warned.

Dr. Shobiye, who is also the Senior Pastor of Mercy & Virtue Christian Church of God (MVCCG), Ikotun, Lagos, recalled that he faced serious challenges when he started Mathmer & Associates. He said that since he gave his life to Jesus Christ he has been living in fear of God. On his view on a pastor also running secular business, Rev. Dr. Shobiye explains, “It is better for a pastor to also be in secular business except God specifically tells him to be in full-time ministry. He will not depend on the church treasuries or the church members for his economic sustenance. But if God calls you into full-time ministry, he will back you up economically,” Shobiye, an apostle in the market place viewed.

Dr. Mathew K.A Shobiye was born to the family of the Late Pa Emmanuel & Madam Felicia Shobiye in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State 65 years ago. He grew up in Abeokuta before he moved to Lagos state for his tertiary training after he completed his college education. Thereafter, he worked under the pupilage of Chief Richard Akinjide (SAN) till 1986 when he travelled to the United States of America (U.S.A) in search of greener pastures. He returned to Nigeria in 1987 to set up his own business. The entrepreneurial co-pastor of Mercy & Mercy Christian of Church of God (MVCCG) with his lovely wife, Rev. Mrs. Mercy Shobiye, is a man that upholds the tenet of putting God first in everything he does. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, leader, mentor pastor, father and grandfather.

“I was brought up by Anglican parents from Ogun state. I had my baptism in 1976. At some period I was raised by my uncle; a Muslim who tried to convert me to Islam. He always encouraged me to observe Ramadan fasting. He was a faithful Muslim who trained us to also be faithful and content in life. When I left our village, I joined First Baptist Church. When I moved to Lagos to live with another uncle of mine I joined a Pentecostal church,” he shared with Christian Benefits.

Dr. Mathew Shobiye is happily married to Rev. Mrs. Mercy Shobiye, the Lead Pastor of Mercy & Virtue Christian Church of God (MVCCG), Ikotun, Lagos and their marriage is blessed with successful children that include two lawyers and a medical doctor. Rev. Mrs. Shobiye in a separate interview with Christian Benefits magazine described her husband, Dr. Shobiye, as a lover of God, a lover of the family and everyone around him.

“My husband, Rev. Dr Mathew Shobiye cares and cherishes people including our parents, siblings and in-laws. He never complains about anyone, but aspires to see everyone become great in life. He can go to any length because of our children. He is a very diligent, hardworking, trustworthy husband and father,” Mrs. Shobiye shared.




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