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Buhari will still usher Nigeria’s transformation- Phillip Osung

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Pastor Phillip Osung, Senior Pastor, Born Free International Ministry, Badore Ajah, Lagos, has declared that Nigeria’s transformation is not coming from the 2023 general election in the country, but under the current President Muhammadu Buhari government despite the government criticism as the worst the country has ever had. At the press conference he addressed and attended by Christian Benefits magazine, shortly after his online broadcast to the nation on Nigeria’s 62nd independence day, Pastor Osung reveals God’s mind about the Buhari government and Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election. Excerpts.

Please, how do we meet you sir?

I’m Phillip Osung; God’s servant at Born Free International Ministry; Badore Ajah, Lagos, a prophetic evangelist, a teacher of the scriptures, an author of over 50 scriptures-based books and the Jeremiah of this generation to the nations.

Nigeria last weekend celebrated her 62nd Independence as a nation. After 62 years of independence, tell us as a prophet what the future portends for Nigeria.

I see a new Nigeria emerging soon. I will boldly say Nigeria is about to encounter a transformation. This transformation is not coming under the new government in 2023. It is coming under the current President Muhammadu Buhari government. It is under this same government that is being criticized as the worse government that Nigeria has ever had that this new Nigeria will emerge, and it is just around the corner.

How achievable is this new Nigeria under the Buhari administration, like you said, that is being criticized as the worst, and with less than a year of its tenure in power?

I will confidently say under this same worst government, Nigeria will experience a positive turn around before the government hand over power to the next government in 2023. It is not this current government per see that will transform Nigeria. It is the work of the Almighty God. Nigeria is presently in a very tight corner but very close to the ultimate deliverance God has programmed for her. Nigeria’s deliverance is by the corner. I challenge Nigerians to take me by my words. Nigeria’s deliverance is not coming in 2023. It will happen before this current administration runs out.

At 62 Nigeria is struggling under a severe hardship. Where did the nation get it wrong?When a nation forsakes God hardship is inevitable in that nation. When a nation leaves God. God too will leave that nation. Nigeria has left God who gave her independence and brought her this far 62 years as a nation. Nigeria got it wrong when the nation adapted cultures and practices that are taboos to her as nation. Nigeria adapted western lifestyle and allow immoral practices like homosexual, lesbianism, incest among other sexual perversions that are taboos to us Africans. When strange gods are brought into a nation the real God will keep silence watching the strange gods destroying the nation. The strange gods sponsor errors and poor decisions in governance, instigate violence, terrorism and insecurity in the polity and promote iniquities in the nation. That is why the Bible says “There is an evil, which I have seen under the sun,” and it is this error that proceeds from the rulers the people elect into power. And the same people are the ones trekking while those they elected into power are riding on horses. That is a spirit of error and the reason the people are incapacitated. Empty people are in power while those who are loaded are never allowed in power. But God is coming to correct this error.

Why is it that the Nigerian government hardly listens to warnings by prophets?

To answer this question I will refer you to a book I wrote in 2020: The Devil in Your Government. Earlier in 2015, I wrote a book that attracted a lot of troubles to me. In that book, God warned Nigerians through me that what was about to befall Nigeria will be the worst in the history of the nation. Today, without mincing words Nigerians have seen and are experiencing that which has befallen the nation since 2015. To be honest with you God blessed Nigeria. Nigeria is the most blessed nation on earth. Unfortunately most Nigerians have no knowledge of how blessed the nation is. I assure Nigerians in the next four months they will be walking on gold; and that will show how blessed Nigeria is in the comity of nations. Take this from me that within the next four months there will be a great discovery of the hidden wealth in Nigeria that will change the story of the nation and her people. I see the discovery of a deep wealth that has been hidden for ages. God is about opening up this hidden wealth for the nation. Mark this prophecy from now till its fulfillment. That is why I said the new Nigeria is not emerging from the next government in 2023. Rather, it is going to emerge under this current and considered worse government the nation has ever had in her history. This is a definite prophecy direct from God. The emerging new Nigeria is what the devil is frustrating by not allowing the Nigerian government to listen to the genuine prophets that God set over Nigeria to deliver the nation. But at last God is winning the battle to give victory to Nigeria between now and January 2023. Nigeria will be celebrated!

What should Nigerians do to ensure this prophecy come to pass?

Even if I tell Nigerians what to do to ensure the prophecy come to pass many of them will still not listen or believe. When I spoke about the president’s poor health long time ago before it became public knowledge many Nigerians took it as a joke. Assassins have been sent after me many times. I have been shot at a couple of times by unknown gunmen. So, let us leave this particular prophecy in the hands of God and His vessel; the Jeremiah of our time till it comes to pass.

If the new Nigeria emerged under this government, won’t the government take the credit despise its criticism as the worst government ever in Nigeria’s history?

Nigerians know and recognize God. So, they will know that the emergence of the new Nigeria under this government can only be God. This prophetic emergence of the new Nigeria is spiritual. Nobody or government can influence or change it, not to talk of taking the credit for it. This will purely be God. I saw it clearly that the time for the birth of the wealth Nigeria has been carrying in her womb for ages will come in the next four months. and the credit will go to God alone.

On the coming 2023 presidential election, as a prophet what are the chances of the three front line contestants in the race, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Parry (PDP) , Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP)?

Check one of my past prophecies I said APC would fail Nigeria. PDP would remain but will fail in returning to Nigeria’s presidency. I said a new party would emerge and there shall be peace and prosperity in the nation. The Peter Obi movement is not a surprise to me because it is a fulfillment of the prophecy I gave in 2016. Peter Obi, though not a saint, is God running for Nigeria’s presidency through a man. When God runs for the presidency of any nation no mortal can defeat Him. So, Mr. Peter Obi will be elected Nigeria’s next president in the 2023 presidential election.

What do you think Peter Obi is bringing to the table differently for a better Nigeria?

It is not about what Peter Obi is bringing differently to the table. It is about what will happen in Nigeria in the next four months, which is bigger than any man’s imagination. It is not as if Obi knows God. God has only chosen him as a vessel to carry out His plans and purpose for Nigeria. So, Obi is the one that will rule the nation from 2023 because God is set to directly rule Nigeria through His chosen vessel. Peter Obi originally was never God’s chosen vessel to rule Nigeria. God’s original vessel to rule Nigeria was Pastor Sam Adeyemi. By a prophecy, God had originally chosen Pastor Adeyemi to deliver this nation. When you have a great prophecy on your head you will have great battles to fight. If you can’t fight the battles of the prophecy on your head, that prophecy will come to naught. If Pastor Adeyemi has remained in Nigeria, instead of relocating abroad, and fight for God’s prophecy on his head as His chosen vessel to rule Nigeria, the prophecy would have come to pass in the 2023 presidential election. So, Obi is God’s replacement for Adeyemi, as His chose vessel to rule Nigeria come 2023.
















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