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Bishop Blessing denies rape allegation against him

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Bishop Samuel Blessing, who was enmeshed in a rape allegation leveled against him by one Belema Abili has denied the allegation. It was reported that Belema paid one Evi Okaili to accuse Bishop Samuel, General Overseer of Royal Place Ministry Int’l, U.S of raping her. The report said that Belema and Okaili connived and broadcast on Facebook that the US based Nigerian preacher allegedly raped the former.

Bishop Blessing has however denied the allegation which he called ridiculous and unfounded. In a statement the bishop  expressed shock and embarrassment at the accusation and said it was aimed at tarnishing his reputation. “This is a false allegation by the lady to tarnish my reputation as a man of God.  I took her as a daughter. I wonder how she could allow the devil to take over her and lose her decency and morality. She is out to ruin my reputation that took me years to build. I know the Lord will vindicate me. At no period I had sexual relationship with Belema. Our relationship was strictly spiritual as my spiritual daughter. I wonder where she got the idea that I raped her. She should desist from this libelous exercise.” the cleric warned.

Bishop also disclosed that he assisted Evi Okaili financially to ensure she becomes successful in life. “I don’t know how this lady can say thank you for blessing my life over these years and later turn around to say I raped her. I assisted her financially to support her business and to also take care of her sick parents.” Blessing claimed.

The members of Royal Place Ministry also expressed rude shock at Belema’s rape allegation against their bishop despise the bishop’s acclaimed benevolence to her. They said the bishop is a man of God who is committed to evangelical missions, soul winning for Jesus, adding values to life, impacting God’s king and banishing of slavery. Most people who commented on Belema’s rape allegations against Bishop Blessing Samuel advised her to retrace her steps from defaming the bishop.




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