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Between Deliverance and Mental Health Issues

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Working with my wife on her mental health course, a couple of years back really changed my life and helped our ministry. I will recommend a one week course on mental health for every preacher. A lot of the cases we attribute to generational curses and demonic attacks are actually mental health related. Uncontrollable sexual urge, aggression, greed, restlessness, unrealistic ambitions etc are all traces of mental health problems that can be treated. And some of the evil and wickedness we see in our nation and among politicians and some ministers of the gospel are results of mental health breakdown. Unfortunately, when we hear the word, “mental health”, we immediately connect it to madness. But the CEO of the biggest corporation in the world may be suffering from mental health breakdown and may not know.

The famous pastor leading a church of 5000 people who is committing all manners of atrocities may actually be suffering from mental health breakdown, and may not know. It is always very subtle! I strongly recommend a one-week basic course in mental health for every one of us, and for pastors in particular. Read about Bipolar, psychopaths, sociopaths and you will easily connect some of the wickedness you see our leaders engage in with these mental health problems. And as a preacher, your ministry will be massively impacted! You will be in a more balanced position to separate spiritual problems from mental health breakdown–and rather than wasting time on conducting deliverance for some people, you would be quick to send them for mental health intervention therapies.




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