by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Until now I exercised restraint at commenting on the series of back lashing of Evang. Funmi Adebayo ridiculously labelled Mummy G.O by those who see her hell fire warnings as esoteric, weird, awkward and unconventional to norms.

As a church reporter of long standing, I’m persuaded that I cannot sit back watching people rightly or wrongly making jest of this woman without sharing my view about her, irrespective of how other people see her.

Like I said, as a church reporter I have interacted with ‘Mummy G.O’  a couple of times and I have been studiously following her uncommon End time ministry over the years.

I do not care what some people say about her in the negative. I know she is very committed to her assignment and has been consistent in her messages on rapture and eternal life.

Although sometimes she plays to the gallery, I place her above preachers who do not direct the attention of their congregants to eternal life or discourage them from relishing in the vanities of life to their eternal condemnation.

Some people may dismiss her as a rabble rouser but they cannot accuse her of fleecing or manipulating her congregants for self aggrandizement as won’t most preachers in their citadels of double speaks and hypocrisy.

She may lack the finesses and dynamics of modern day Pentecostal preachers, she does not preach to her congregants what soothes their ears in order to bind them from leaving her church.

She is not engaging in unhealthy competitions of massive cathedral buildings. She does not dine with corrupt politicians and unscrupulous people in the night but plays saint in the day.

Of course, I am very curious about her hell fire warnings, but I have the liberty to accept or reject them without dismissing her warnings all together. She doesn’t force her warnings down the throats of her congregants in the manner most preachers that we celebrate do.

Of course, her account of her rebirth testimony is very bizarre, but I am careful of doubting her account. Instead I choose to leave her to God and will her conscience. I am sure if Paul were in our generation many people will doubt the account of his rebirth encounter. I am sure were Jonah in our generation, most of us will still doubt the account of his swallow by whale.

Summarily, Mummy G.O’s hell fire warnings may sound weird, but I commend and appreciate her for her consistency in reminding us of the reality of rapture and eternal life lest we are caught unawares like in the days of Noah at the return of our Lord Jesus. Shalom.



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