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I Prayed for the blind and they became more blind, Bishop Dr. Isaac Idahosa

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The General Overseer of Illumination Assembly, Ajah, Lagos, Bishop Dr. Isaac Idahosa has pointed out the limitations of ministers of God in the work of ministry, particularly in the healing, deliverance, creative and prophetic ministries,

He made this known as he reflects on the forthcoming 31th anniversary celebration of God’s First Ministry (Illumination Assembly) later this month August 2020 at the church headquarters at Badore, Ajah, Lagos.

Bishop Idahosa, one of Nigeria’s prominent creative ministers of God, said it is only God who can determine when he wants to perform miracles in the lives of people, and therefore advised fellow ministers to work according to God’s leading.

The amiable cleric in an interview with Christian Benefits recalled how he tempted God, and was disappointed in the early days of his ministry in Kano where he began his God’s First Ministry (Illumination Assembly) about three decades ago.

The highly gifted bishop recalled that as a young pastor back in Kano, God used him to miraculously heal a popular blind man on the streets of Kano. He said this singular healing miracle in his barely 2-year-old ministry announced his presence in that ancient city. And as a result of this, lots of prominent pastors in Kano started inviting him as guest preacher to minister healing miracles in their churches.

“And of a truth God was proving himself in all the churches I was invited to minister healing to the sick as they received their healing. I was becoming popular with what God was using me to do in healing ministry. I soon became the talk of the town when my ministry was still young. Unfortunately, in the euphoria of my popularity I unintentionally took over the attribute of God as a miracle worker.”

He continues: “I organized a healing crusade and told people to bring all the blind people in Kano to the crusade they will receive healing miracles. I was confident that all the blind would receive their healing at the crusade. So many blind people were brought to the crusade. When I started ministering healing to them, lo and behold none of them was healed. I prayed and prayed none of the blind got healed. The crowd was expectant of seeing miracles but no healing was taking place. With faith I continued praying and ministering healing to the many blind people at the crusade ground. But it appeared the more I prayed for them the more they got blind. Eventually, I gave up ministering healing and closed the meeting. The blind and the crowd returned home disappointed. I also left the crusade disappointed.”

The prophetic bishop said that experience taught him a great lesson to wait on God’s leading. “God didn’t lead me to organize that crusade. It was my popularity as a miracle worker that people called me that led me to organize the crusade and it failed.  Ministers of God should be humble when God is using them to do miracles. They should be careful when people call them miracle workers to the annoyance of God. God is the only miracle worker. We are just vessels in his hands,” the amiable bishop advised.

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