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2023: There is indeed a Satanic Propaganda against Nigeria-Otuya

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Bishop Dr. Priscilla Otuya, President, United Gospel Churches Association of Nigeria (UCGAN) has charged Nigerian women at home and in the Diaspora to awake to their responsibility as “saviours.” Otuya, also, President, Mothers of the Nation, shares with Christian Benefits the vision and mandate of the new work from her apostolic stable called GOD’S WIN DIASPORA and the role of Nigerian women globally in achieving a peaceful conduct of the 2023 elections to thwart what she reveals as satanic propaganda against Nigeria. Excerpts.

You are a heroine of faith, a woman of many parts such as President of United Gospel Churches Association of Nigeria (UGCAN) and also President of Mothers of the Nation, among others. How will you like to be introduced?

I am Dr Priscilla Onyemaechi Otuya, first a minister of the gospel and Bishop of the House of Regents. I am a faith-driven social entrepreneur and Chairperson, Nigerian-American Social Enterprise Forum.

For over 35 years, you’ve been consistent in your socio-religious activities as a Nation Building crusader and a Womanhood advocate. Tell us your drive.

By God’s Grace, I’ve been doing Ministry for 35 years now, and my driving force is my encounters with the Lord. In one of my earliest encounters with the Lord, he took me on a tour of a three story building and showed me all the rooms in it; some of the rooms were okay, and some were not. He then told me that the House is his body and that his servants are focusing on what they feel are the most charismatic gifts neglecting the others, and that he will not come for a mutilated body. He said all the parts of the body must be in place before he comes. My assignment is to go and discover the missing parts of the body and restore them, depending solely on his word. That is the mandate I received of the Lord and the reason I do so many different activities aimed at re orientating the elects, with a back up scripture, Titus 1:5, setting in order things that are wanting and ordaining elders in every city. In another encounter, He said His women in the rural and urban areas are suffering badly due to ignorance, I should go help them understand how kingdom faith, family and ministry operate, and that any of these women that suffers due to my disobedience to His instructions to help them He the Lord will trouble my home.

Share with us your experiences in over 35 years as a gospel preacher and women rights advocate; about the ups, the downs and the accomplishments

When you walk in God’s plan and purpose and with the right motives, everything will seem like a walk over, against when you allow your own plans and ambition rule you. According to a scripture, I stand at my watch every day to hear what the Lord will say, and I go ahead and do as he commands, and move on. The Lord did not allow me to go to Bible School. He made me do a personal study of the word for months after my first encounter, and during this training and preparation period with the Holy Ghost, I learnt that every job, including ministry has its hazards, as written in Ecclesiastes 10:9 “… Whoever quarries stones may be injured by them; whoever splits logs may be endangered by them. So, I do everything with my mind prepared for anything. So, nothing comes to me as surprise. So challenges lose their bite when you are prepared for them. It is when you do anything on assumption that challenges take you unawares and weigh you down. Talking about actual challenges that have confronted me, I know this much by revelations and dedicated study that Christianity as practiced today is a counterfeit of the Faith that Jesus Christ paid a costly price to found, and is directly aimed at derailing God’s people and short changing them, reason we walk on foot while sons of slaves ride on horses. For instance, the Lord instructed I check the meaning of Propaganda College in the dictionary. Then I had never heard of such before. When I woke up, I went straight to my dictionary online, checked the meaning and I read it was where priests are trained before being sent out on missions. I was shocked because I couldn’t really put together what propaganda and training for ministry have in common. These are the ones we have been taught to celebrate as those that brought the gospel to us, but did they really bring the gospel to us? If you have had the opportunity to study the letter of king Leopold the 2nd to the missionaries to Congo, you will understand clearly the purpose and use of the propaganda college. Now,  my challenge is the misunderstandings and suspicion I get from the very ones I am to work with in making these truths known to them, that we can work together in undoing all that afflict us as a people of his pasture

You are presently working on a new assignment, GOD’S WIN DIASPORA due for public presentation on May 2, 2022. What is this new work all about?

GOD’S WIN DIASPORA is an acronym for God’s Women in Nigeria and Diaspora, Its overall vision and mission is to sensitize God’s elect women of Nigerian descent, home and abroad, on the need to wake up and live up to their God-ordained responsibility as ” Saviours” and co-workers with him in the kingdom building business. In one of my encounters with the Lord, He kept repeating the phrase “Stop the SPAN” but I didn’t understand what He meant by SPAN until He spelt it out fully, saying, stop the Satanic Propaganda against Nigeria. And that gave me the insight into what is really going on with our beloved country Nigeria. There is indeed a Satanic Propaganda against Nigeria.  It is time we stop taking things on face value and co-work with the Lord and with one another to find and proffer solution. This is what we are out to achieve with GODS WIN, and as the acronym suggests, God will win with women, and it will be so, because of the ordination and election as we can read from Romans 11:7 “…What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for but the election hath obtained it and the rest were blinded.

Apart from you, who are the other drivers of GOD’S WIN DIASPORA?

Frankly speaking, the Holy Ghost is the driver of GOD’S WIN, and he has mentioned some names to bring in to operate in various capacities; some in Nigeria and some in Diaspora, and we will unveiling them in due course

What are the vision, the mission and the goal on this new WORK?

THE VISION Connecting God’s elect women in Nigeria and Diaspora to midwife the birth of the New Nigeria whose maker and builder is God: THE MISSION: To make known the fact that the most high rules in the Affairs of Men: THE GOAL: To stop the Satanic Propaganda against Nigeria (Stop the SPAN)

In our private chat, you said GOD’S WIN DIASPORA intends to mobilize Nigerian women at home and in the Diaspora for active participation in the 2023 general elections in Nigeria.  How does the body intend to achieve this?

We intend to achieve this through democratic education. We are hosting a national conference on Democratic Education for women and youths, follows by grassroots mobilization. It is sad and shameful to say the least that all Women of the Christian Faith community are engaged in is to Mobilize for politicians of their Leader’s choice, after which they are discarded to face their reality, for example, the COVID Lock down, Women of other faith community had people representating them and speaking for them, who can we say is the voice of God’s Women in Nigeria? Aside the pockets of what I seek permission to refer to as Mushroom initiatives aimed at self glorification, who do we run to as our voice and representative?

There is a complaint that Nigerian women are marginalized in the national polity. Do you believe so, and in which areas do you see Nigerian women marginalized in the national polity?

Nigerian women are marginalized in everything and in every way. It didn’t start today. we are hearing about it now because the women are waking up to take responsibility for themselves, and this is occasioned by the fact that the spiritual pendulum is swinging in favour of women. Yes, I know that women are strongly marginalized in Nigeria but the wind of change is blowing strongly too against those unscriptural beliefs and values that is behind it.

It is obvious Nigerian men have messed up in all the facets of life of the nation, particularly on politics and governance. Do you think, given the chance, the Nigerian women will fare better?

Point of correction; in my opinion God’s elect women don’t need anyone to give them a chance. We have time and chance in our favour and we will cash in on it, simple, and you can take that to the bank. In your own words, Nigerian men have messed up big time, and that is in accordance with the scriptures in Lamentations 5:7, “…Our fathers have sinned and are not, and we bear their iniquity. And in line with God’s own election, the mothers will rise to restore; not by power, nor by might but by God’s sovereign will and wisdom

What are some of the factors affecting the Nigerian women in taking the front burners of the political leadership of this nation, and how can the Nigerian women address and overcome these factors?

Simply put, it is time and chance, the time wasn’t ripe, and God has not made the chance, but now we are fast approaching the time and we will take the chance

What is GOD’S WIN DIASPORA bringing to the table for the Nigerian women in the 2023 elections?

When we get to the bridge we will most definitely cross it. We walk with the Lord, and work on His instructions. We don’t plan for Him, or go ahead of Him. If He has to change some things or drop the existing standards to achieve His goal, He will. One of our key intentions is to remind our people, leaders and the followers of the fact that the Most High God rules in the affairs of men, and gives power to whoever He will, and this will play out in the coming elections; though we have adopted democracy as a standard by which we work on in deciding who gets power to lead us.

Lastly, is GOD’S WIN DIASPORA membership limited to Christian women only, or is opened to all Nigerian women of other religion faiths?

The living God is neither a Christian nor Moslem. He has His elects everywhere, and whoever believes or thinks that God is confined to our religious traditional box is Living in a fool’s Paradise, and in line with scriptures in Zephaniah 3:10. We, the women and mothers in Nigeria are out to make known God’s truth against religious traditional truth.

Thank you for your audience ma.

Thanks and God bless you

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