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2022: I see battles against Nigeria, Ghana, deaths of three ex-presidents-Attah

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Apostle David Attah, Pastor of Glorious City of Christ, Lagos, has declared 2022 as a year of unusual surplus and divine remembrance for Nigeria. But he feared the country will witness an outbreak of war in the music industry, confessions by evil people, including some men of God and political battles in the new year 2022.

In his 40-list of 2022 prophecies obtained by Christian Benefits magazine, Attah, whose mandate of his ministry is setting the captive free and restoration of the afflicted, said in 2022 Nigeria will experience some positive developments such as the reopening of her closed borders, business boom, stable power supply, end of Boko Haram terrorism in the country and a divine prosperity in many families. He added that there would also be an emergence of a new leading political party, capture of wicked leaders, no rampant death except of evil people, suppression of the enemies of the gospel and the taking over of the gospel by grassroots churches.

However, the Kogi state-born preacher, called by God into a prophetic ministry to liberate souls and endowed with multiple gifts including healing, foresaw some negative incidents locally and internationally such as underground plot to eliminate Mrs. Evelyn Joshua, wife of late founder of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet T.B Joshua, battles against Nigeria and Ghana, wars in Iraq and in the western world among others and called for prayer intercession by men of God.

Apostle Attah whose, church runs several services like Bible studies and special programmes with the demonstration of God’s power in deliverance and healing ministrations to the afflicted, sought intercessory prayers for the lives of a former senate president of Nigeria, Dr. Bukola Saraki, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, veteran actor, Olu Jacobs and a popular global preacher, Evang. Benny Hinn. He however said he saw the transition of three former presidents in 2022.

Below is Apostle David Attah’s list of 40 Prophecies for 2022

  1. 2022 is a year of unusual surplus and divine remembrance for Nigeria
  2. Enemies of the Word of God will go down
  3. Death will not be rampant but only evil people will die.
  4. I see a lot of borders being opened because of politics.
  5. People will start business small and it will become big in a short time.
  6. God will capture a lot of evil leaders that are out to destroy this country.
  7. I see politicians battling one another; I see political battles everywhere.
  8. Grassroots churches are about to take over the front lines of the gospel
  9. I see war in the western world but God will preserve His children.
  10. God will bring Boko Haram terrorism to end in Nigeria.
  11. I see war in the music industry; musicians killing one another for positions
  12. Evil people including men of God will confess.
  13. There is a new political party that will soon silent the APC and the PDP.
  14. I see Iraq preparing for war.
  15. I see buildings burning and bridges collapsing in America.
  16. I see three past presidents waving good bye to the world.
  17. Well known men of God in Nigeria, pray for God’s mercy to speak for them.
  18. I see battles against Nigeria from Ghana.
  19. I see people fighting in Osun state, particularly in Osogbo.
  20. Many families are about to experience divine prosperity.
  21. The Igbos should be patience in their quest to rule Nigeria. God is at work.
  22. God wants to use Aisha Buhari for Nigeria.
  23. I see Dr. Bukola Saraki’s life in danger.
  24. An evil ritualist at Idumota market, Lagos will be exposed.
  25. Let us pray for Pastor Adeboye and Pastor kumuyi.
  26. Power supply will be stable.
  27. Let us pray for Olu Jacobs because I see his death being announced.
  28. Another great man of God in America will die.
  29. An underground plot to kill the late Prophet T.B Joshua’s wife.
  30. I see a radio and television station caught fire.
  31. I see war in Aso rock; different kinds of ammunition facing Aso rock.
  32. A lot of kidnappers and their secret hideout will be exposed.
  33. Arsenal is taking over the winning flag.
  34. i see another scandal rumour about Apostle Joshua Suleiman; dissolving his church is the target.
  35. Let us pray for Dr. Paul Enenche. I see jealousy from his pastors.
  36. Let us pray for Evan Benny Hinn.
  37. The glory of Nigeria football team, the Super Eagles, is returning
  38. There is going to be crisis in universities.
  39. I see rising stars among the youths in this country.
  40. Ministries and ministers of the gospel are going to experience a raw move of the Holy Ghost,



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